Consultancy and design support

Our experienced team specialises in customising, developing, or finding products to suit a specific set of project requirements. We source high-quality products from a diverse group of suppliers, delivering value through our deep market knowledge. We take the time to consider our brief, prioritising design integrity and problem-solving to achieve a commercially suitable outcome while acting as an extension of your creative team. We approach projects with a discerning, design-led methodology and studious attention to detail. Our team is design literate and is confident in suggesting lesser-known brands, designing and making products, or supplying products from our global network of contacts. From prisons to superyachts, London to Yerevan or Doha, we have a unique outlook and no one goes further to help you deliver a client brief.

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Procurement & Benchmarking

We have built close relationships with a wide range of furniture and lighting companies around the world. This means we can source the perfect product for your needs or design bespoke solutions to enrich your projects. Once your order is placed, our in-house operations team will ensure that very thing stays on schedule.

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We will provide product samples to make sure you’re 100% happy with your choice. This means you can check the look, feel and durability of a product or material before committing.

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Project Management

We’re a small, highly experienced team who understands the importance of taking a calm, personal approach and delivering an exceptional customer experience. We take a proactive attitude to programme management, design development, budget analysis, risk management and project delivery, with regular reporting and meetings.

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Warehousing & logistics

We offer short, medium and long-term personalised storage solutions at our renewable energy-powered warehouse in Hertfordshire. Our facility is managed by our in-house installations team who use their experience to consolidate, check, and troubleshoot deliveries. We also offer condition and quality reporting and an onward global logistics planning service for worldwide installations.

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Delivery and installation

Our in-house installation team are experienced furniture installers and technicians with a wealth of industry knowledge who are capable of delivering the most complex projects. We can handle anything from international moves and relocations to specialist dressing services for developers and agents promoting their spaces.

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Dedicated aftercare

Our service doesn't stop once your project is complete. You will receive ongoing support from the same project team and will continue to benefit from their in-depth knowledge of your space and requirements. We can help you with complex problems such as furniture reconfigurations or mapping user journeys through to more straightforward queries around product warranties, end-of-life recycling, and maintenance.

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Move Management and Relocation Services

We supply move management, sustainable office relocation, and installation services catering for corporate and private clients. We offer dedicated project and move managers for commercial and residential interiors. We can provide furniture inventory audits, crates, packaging, and recycling services upon demand.

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Furniture Recycling: Our Circular Economy

We plan to utilise the concept of a circular economy to break the take, make, and waste cycle by giving products a second life. We can take back products for refurbishment, to be resold, reused, or donated. Products beyond repair or second life are dismantled into component parts and recycled. We work with skilled craftsmen to reupholster or reassemble products and prolong their life. Furniture recycling old pieces are disassembled, with materials like wood or metal being recycled and combustible materials are turned to fuel.

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Events and Developer Services

We offer a range of dressing and FF&E services dedicated to developers and agents looking to let spaces or undertake marketing shoots. One of our dedicated installation or project managers will attend site to work with you. We have a range of in stock accessories which can be utilise your space for photoshoots including: - Vases, flowers, and plants - Outdoor rugs and props - Cutlery, glasses, ceramics, and tableware - Furniture and props for hire - Throws and Cushions

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Made-to-measure product design

Workform specialises in customising or developing products to suit our client’s unique project requirements. We blend design ingenuity with practical experience and our deep working knowledge of in-house and selected brand partner manufacturing capabilities. Most of the projects we undertake involve customising existing products or developing entirely unique products to satisfy a client brief.

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Special projects

We regularly collaborate with architects and design studios to help them deliver special projects. This may involve designing a new product line to fulfil a specific project requirement or bridge a gap in the market. Our team can bring a unique vision to life thanks to our experience, our in-house capabilities, and our connections with the most versatile and craft-orientated supply partners. Get in touch if you want to discuss a bespoke or exclusive project.

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International projects

Our specialist team has extensive experience managing and delivering projects internationally across Europe, the Middle East, America, and Asia. Our industry-leading operations team can provide an innovative and effective delivery service to most worldwide locations. We are well-versed in accommodating global and local nuances for international clients. Our work covers many industry sectors including workplace, public, education, BTR, hospitality and residential. Get in touch with our friendly team if you would like to discuss a project or have any questions about our services - we’re always happy to help!

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A bespoke approach

We recognise that every client and project is different, so we always take a bespoke approach to how we work with you, ensuring that our service aligns with your project goals.


  • Brief development
  • Concept design
  • Product development
  • Cost consultancy
  • Audits and reuse strategy
  • Sustainability strategy
  • Presentation support
  • Visualisation services


  • Considered product proposals
  • Price benchmarking and analysis
  • Customisation and product development
  • Production drawing signoff
  • Vintage and second-hand furniture
  • Programme development

Sampling & materials

  • Sampling of materials and products
  • Sustainability analysis
  • Commercial suitability analysis
  • Mockups and showroom tours
  • Client sign off

Project management

  • Dedicated project management team
  • Order monitoring and risk assessment
  • Budget management
  • Detailed programme development
  • Project team support and coordination
  • IT / AV integration and coordination
  • Progress reporting

Logistics & storage

  • Dedicated solar-powered logistics hub
  • Short, medium and long-term storage
  • Racking and personalised storage solutions
  • Gated warehouse facility with 24/7 monitored alarm system
  • Managed by our in-house installations team
  • Global logistics planning
  • Condition and quality reporting
  • Delivery consolidation and checking
  • Collections and deliveries
  • Onwards Worldwide and European logistics
  • Order inventory management
  • Comprehensive insurance cover

Delivery & installation

  • Trusted, experienced in-house team
  • Highly trained, technical team
  • Worldwide experience
  • Event and developer services
  • Move management and relocation services
  • On-time, on-budget delivery
  • Proactive approach to problem-solving

Dedicated aftercare

  • On-going support from the project team
  • Warranty management
  • Furniture auditing and maintenance
  • Moves and reconfiguration management
  • Furniture recycling and removal


  • Product customisation
  • Product concept development
  • Detailed product design and modelling
  • Visualisation services
  • Material sampling
  • Prototyping
  • In-house manufacturing workshop
  • Extensive network of versatile brand partners
We'd love to hear about your project

We’d love to hear about your project

Get in touch with our friendly team if you would like to discuss a project or have any questions – we’re always happy to help!

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