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The W80 Partitioining

by Tecno

The W80 partitioning
May 12, 2016 Istvan Baba

Evolution of a Tecno classic

A commitment to technical evolution that offers a concrete response to the requirements of modern-day living has always been one of Tecno’s most distinctive traits.
An important milestone in this evolutionary journey is the new W80 partition wall, a product whose performance and aesthetic impact derive largely from its internal design: a large number of engineered components are hidden away inside and play a crucial role in the overall effect.

The result is a modern partition wall that satisfies all possible structural, acoustic, equipment and flexibility needs and can be customised to suit any space.

Felxibility, modularity

The W80 partition wall system consists of extruded aluminium
profiles with a telescopic insert and adjustment jack in technopolymer which makes it possible to compensate for any differences in the floor or ceiling level. The panels have an aluminium profile fixed to the top and
bottom with double-sided structural adhesive. The shaped part of the profile makes it possible for the panel to be attached with a Snap-on system (patent pending) in coextruded plastic.