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    Pons Sofa

    The PONS sofa and table system, designed for Tecno by Rodolfo Dordoni was specially conceived to furnish waiting areas, lounges and managerial environments, but is perfectly at home in domestic settings too.
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    This landscape of small islands can be clustered or attached in groups or located separately. Multiple configurations can therefore be created to respond to the needs of various types of environment: domestic, office or lounge.
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    Nelson Bench

    The clean linear aesthetic of the Nelson Bench reflects George Nelson's background as an architect. Like many design classics, the bench has multiple uses, readily serving as a surface for seating, storage or display functions.
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    Elana Daybed

    Dimensions: W 79 D 40 H 16.5 Arm Height: Seat Height: 16.5 COM: 9 yds COL: 178 sq ft
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    Elana Bench

    The Elana Bench is upholstered in sections and has a wooden frame. Available in different sizes and shapes, the specification and finishes can be customised to the clients requirements. For over seventy five years, the Bright Chair Company has been an independent manufacturer of high quality, hand crafted wood furniture. Bright Chair provides you with the ability to customize each piece to your client's personal specifications. Bright respects our environment by using wood only from sustainable forests, not from endangered wood species. Our suppliers are Smart Wood Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council ensuring that all woods are tracked through the manufacturing process. Bright uses only water based adhesives and catalytic finishes with no VOCs. All foam fill used is a by-product of the petrol-chemical process.
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    Lorin Bench

    Dimensions: W 70 D 28 H 16.5 COM: 2.75 yds COL: 54 sq ft
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    Siri Bench

    Dimensions: W 42 D 28 H 16 Arm Height: Seat Height: COM: 1.75 yds COL: 35 sq ft
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    Sharon Bench

    Dimensions: W 78 D 24 H 26.5 Arm Height: 26.5 Seat Height: 19 COM: 9 yds COL: 178 sq ft