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    P08 Chair

    P08 is an easy to assemble seating system with a particularly slender, essential form.
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    Modus Chair

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    The Modus chair was first created in 1972 by Tecno’s own Design Centre, in order to provide the Graphis office system with a chair with multiple functions.
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    Panton Junior

    With its bright, cheerful colours and smooth curves, the Panton Chair has always been a favourite of children Ð both as a chair and as a plaything. This led Verner Panton to consider the the idea of producing a child-size version of the chair together with Vitra over 35 years ago. Proving impossible at the time for economic reasons, this aim was finally achieved in 2008 with the introduction of Panton Junior, a chair based on the designer's original plans. Identical to the regular model with regard to material and shape, the children's chair is approximately 25 percent smaller than the full-size Panton Chair. This makes Panton Junior, which is available in six different colours, an ideal chair for children in nursery and elementary school.
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    Magis Air Chair

    6PCS: Light grey (typ.5254) for outdoor use. 55 x 59, h: 82, sh: 45 cm
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    CH20 Elbow Chair

    Stackable desk or dining chair.
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    CH24 Wishbone Chair

    Dining chair with the essence of danish design.
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    Pick Up Sticks

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    Upholstered armchair for commercial or residential use.
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    Odin Chair

    Upholstered solid ash armchair with aluminium legs.
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    Tangerine Chair

    Stackable oak chair.
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    Studio Chair

    Solid oak chair.
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    Volley Chair

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    Upholstered chair for domestic or commercial use. On swivel base or 4 legs.
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    Panton Chair

    The Panton Chair is a classic in the history of furniture design. Conceived by Verner Panton in 1960, the Panton Chair was developed for serial production in collaboration with Vitra. It was the first chair to be manufactured completely out of plastic in one single piece. Since its market launch in 1967, it has advanced through several production phases. Only since 1999 has it been possible to produce the chair in accordance with its original conception Ð out of durable, dyed-through plastic with a lustrous matte finish. The comfort of this chair results from the combination of a cantilever structure with an anthropomorphic shape and a slightly flexible material. It can be used individually or in groups and is suited for indoor and outdoor environments. The Panton Chair has received numerous international design awards and is represented in the collections of many prominent museums. Due to its expressive shape, it has become an icon of the twentieth century.