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Energy Sector London

Energy Sector - London



Project details

A well-known leading company in the energy, technology and engineering sectors, with more than thirty offices all over the world and over 4,000 operators, chooses Mayfair, one of the most exclusive districts in London, for its headquarter.

From the division of the spaces to the furniture, Tecno combines the rigorous architecture typical of the district buildings with an environment reflecting the technological spirit of the company, according to the specific request by the customer.

For the project Tecno uses W80, the highly performing partition with a strong aesthetic impact, both in the glazed and equipped versions. The Beta workstation system, in white lacquered version with ochre accessories, has been chosen to re-design spaces for the operations offices.

The family of Nomos tables, iconic collection signed by Norman Foster, livens up the meeting and management area: the large sized white table is intended for the meetings, while a squared one with black nickel structure and Marquina marble top has been chosen for the CEO office.

Nomos can but be combined with Vela, the latest Tecno management seat with a highly technological mechanism hidden by a simple yet elegant design. The refined aesthetic impact is strengthen by the upholstery chromatic choice opting for the yellow tones.

Finally, the personal taste of the CEO, admirer of the beautiful Italian design, has led to the choice of some of the most classical icons – the historical P32 and P40 lounge armchairs together with the AT16 coat hanger – signed by Osvaldo Borsani.


Designer: Tecno SPA

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