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Clavis Desking System

By Tecno

Clavis Tables by Tecno
June 7, 2016 Istvan Baba

The clever desking system

Agile, flexible, adaptable and responsive: Clavis is designed for a connected office.

The new workstation system with a patented joint, allows assembly and reconfiguration in a tool free way, by means of a simple 45° torsion movement to interconnect the components. The top held in place via a series of magnets allowing assembly by hand.

The system has manual or automatic height adjustment, and can also be fully integrated with io.T technology to control individual user settings.

Felxibility, modularity

The system design includes different heights of the top, for the new working requisites while progressive height adjustment can be made manually or automatically. Clavis rational modularity makes it suitable and flexible to any working environment changes. The possibility of integrating io.T intelligence allows Clavis to create evolved and interconnected working spaces. When the relationship between individual and community space changes, the products to offer should allow this reconfiguration at best. Clavis was created right for this: a project idea coming from a new gesture, instantaneous, evolved and synergic to the contemporary working environment more and more agile.